Wearing the gentleness of Christ stands in stark contrast with the current news of the day. In the face of protests, viruses and unrest, we need to be filled with the garments of gentleness, peace and humility that heaven provides.
Join in as we consider humility and gentleness as gifts; garments provided by Jesus Christ to bring rest to our souls. This session considers key verses about humility that we can apply to our lives.
God’s kindness does what law enforcement cannot do; changing a heart bent on doing wrong. This session examines how God’s kindness triumphs over judgment, bringing repentance to those he's called.
Christ has woven a garment of compassion for every believer to wear. In this session we examine how to take heaven’s heart-felt mercy and layer it into our daily lives.
Clothing yourself with Christ’s nature is God’s call to every believer. This session looks at how Christ chose us and provides us with his clothing, his own nature of compassion, kindness and gentleness. Our goal is: More of him and less of us.
Every believer is called to be a saint; a member of God’s household made pure and holy by receiving complete forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ. He gives us his own nature that makes us holy and spotless in his presence.
A deeper look at how Christ declares us innocent and pure. This session aims to teach you how to receive God’s justification and walk in his innocence
Wearing the attributes of Christ as if they were garments is central to our faith. This session considers how Christ’s robe of righteousness makes us innocent, spotless and faultless.
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